Dr. David Gill, an Emergency Medicine physician and former Assistant Director of the Illinois Department of Public Health, today announced that he will seek the Democratic nomination for Illinois’ 13th Congressional District in 2018.

Gill, of Bloomington, ran once before in IL-13. In 2012, he was defeated by U.S. Rep. Rodney
Davis 46.5% to 46.2% in the second-closest U.S. House race in the country that year. Independent John Hartman garnered 7.2% of the vote in that election, and Gill said, “I’ve long maintained that Mr. Hartman’s presence in that race caused the majority of voters in IL-13 to be misrepresented. Mr. Hartman echoed my views on all the important issues of the day, such as single-payer healthcare, campaign finance reform, and aggressive action against climate change. We won on those and many other issues, but because the vote was split just enough, Rodney Davis was able to go to Washington.”

Gill has long been at odds with the political elites of Washington, D.C., maintaining that their ties to Wall Street “leave most Americans without proper representation; when both major parties grovel at the heels of Wall Street banks and large multi-national corporations, virtually all of us suffer economic injustice.” Gill attempted to run for Congress in 2016 as an Independent, and his campaign collected more signatures than any other Independent U.S. House campaign in Illinois history, but it still wasn’t enough to secure a place on the ballot. Gill stated, “I’ve demonstrated that I have tremendous passion for improving the lives of all people. That passion drives my career in medicine, and it’s what motivates me to become a leader in the U.S. House.”

Gill continued, “I’ve made no secret of my differences with Democratic party leadership in the past. But the emergency we now face, with a President such as Donald Trump, is a true threat to our republic. Our country needs members of Congress to stand up against the Trump agenda, and I intend to do so.”

Gill and his wife, Elaine, have six children, two cats and two rescue dogs.